WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 Live

WWE Hall of Fame 2018 live stream Watch online. induction ceremony will take place in New Orleans on Friday, April 6 and here’s all the info you need to watch.

Watch WWE Hall of Fame Live Online

It’s WrestleMania 34 weekend, and that means that the pro wrestling world has descended upon New Orleans, LA. From WWE to near countless independent promotions, it’s all about wrestling in the Big Easy this weekend. And one of the premier events will undoubtedly take place on Friday night with the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class is headlined by Goldberg, who was incidentally in one of the main events at WrestleMania last year. From his relatively brief time in WWE to his dominant run throughout the days of WCW, though, Goldberg is wholly deserving of the nod that he’s receiving this year.

Meanwhile, the rest of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class is full of stars and names from years past that fans will surely be wanting to see on the stage. Let’s take a look at the full class below:

Jeff Jarrett
Mark Henry
Hillbilly Jim
The Dudley Boyz
Kid Rock – Celebrity Wing
Jarrius Robertson – Warrior Award

Robertson getting the Warrior Award in New Orleans is certainly something special. However, with some real characters set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, this should be a wild night that wrestling fans won’t want to miss out on.

Details for Friday’s show are below:

Date: Friday, April 6
Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Location: New Orleans, LA
Venue: Smoothie King Center
Live Stream: WWE Network

As with anything, there are always some slow moments at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. For the majority of the time, however, this event is often a treat for wrestling fans. You get to see some of the greats in the industry pull back the curtain a bit and, for once, be vulnerable. Thus, we are treated to an unforgettable evening.

The latest batch of inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame goes in tonight (Fri., April 6, 2018) at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a ceremony that will air live on the WWE Network starting at 8 pm ET. One hour before, at 7 pm ET, a Red Carpet Special will stream in the above video.

It features Maria Menounos as host interviewing the stars of WWE as they arrive for the big event.

Enjoy the show!

Matt Hardy appeared with his wife Rebecca and they were completely out of character. Jeff Hardy appeared later and announced that he’d been cleared to return but was just waiting for ideas for a return.

Dolph Ziggler crashed a Sonja Deville interview in a very ackward moment. Both Renee Young and Deville completely brushed him off.

Ronda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne (only called Travis by Byron Saxton) were interviewed as well. Rousey looked terribly nervous and was thrown off by the crowd chanting for her.

Beth Phoenix announced that she would be calling the Women’s Battle Royal on the WrestleMania preshow Sunday afternoon.

Daniel Bryan said that he’s looking forward to coming down the ramp in his “spandex battle jammies” on Sunday.

Edge and Christian did some comedy where Christian was trying to induct himself and the fans seemed into it. They chanted “YOU DESERVE IT” at Christian. Edge mocked people who said that Heyman should’ve inducted them, basically calling them geeks who live in their parents’ basements. Christian said it’s because they’re the only two guys that like Bubba. Ron Simmons did a cameo with his “DAMN” catchphrase after E and C said that the Dudleys beat the APA from pillar to post. They closed off the intro by doing a pretty bad impression of the Dudleyz with Edge saying “Christian….get the Dudleyz”

The Dudleyz put on their goofy glasses to start their acceptance speech. They had a tense start as Bubba talked about how “the boys” will text him, joking that D-Von is their producer. D-Von said they’re just happy that Bubba isn’t the producer to which Bubba replied “If I was the producer, their match might get over”. D-Von said that when he started, he tried to look like Hulk Hogan, joking that he had the tan and Hogan’s hairdo. D-Von put over his momma but promised he wouldn’t go on about her like Mr T did.

Bubba referred to he and D-Von as WWF fans as kids and D-Von interrupted him, saying “we talked about this, you can’t say the F-word”. Bubba said that he’s most proud of the fact that they are the first original ECW act to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. D-Von took exception to the fact that Bubba said they weren’t as pretty as Ricky and Robert, saying he’s a fine looking black man. Bubba especially thanked Velvet Sky, referring to her by that name and calling her the future Mrs Dudley. D-Von told a story about how when he was Reverend D-Von, the money that was collected for the “Reverend D-Von Building Fund” actually went to the APA drinking fund. Bubba put over Mae Young, calling her the “toughest man” he ever faced in his life. They called up Matt and Jeff and Edge and Christian to join them on stage. Bubba said that without the four of them, they wouldn’t be Hall of Famers today. They got played off stage at the 22 minute mark but that was a setup for the Dudley to put a production guy through a table. Crowd loved every second of this.

Next up, Jerry Lawler introduced Hillbilly Jim, to be inducted by Jimmy Hart. Notable that in the video package they reference “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, perhaps softening the waters for an eventual return.